Update on Cuts to Acute Therapy Services

As the Texas Legislature crafts the state budget for fiscal years 2018-2019, no version of the House or Senate budget has yet to include a full reversal of the Medicaid rate cuts for acute therapy services from 2015. Unless the cuts are fully reversed, tens of thousands of Texas’ neediest children can expect to lose some or all services – with families living in Texas’ rural communities expected to be hit the hardest.

As we did in 2015, Texas House Democrats are fully committed to taking the lead on reversing the cuts to acute therapy services so we can ensure every Texas child receives the care and support they need. Throughout the week, we will feature videos from the #TXKidsMatter campaign of children asking the Legislature to fully reverse the cuts, to build off last week’s successful online campaign that reached over 200,000 people.

Rep. Sergio Muñoz, Jr has prepared budget amendments to fully reverse the cuts, and House Democrats will follow his lead and that of other Democratic appropriators as we do everything we can to fulfill our promise to protect Texas children.