The Halfway Point

Today is the 70th day of the 86th Legislature, the halfway point in our 140-day regular session. Of course, in many ways, the session is just beginning – but will ramp up very quickly in the days and weeks ahead.

Tomorrow, the House will consider legislation on the floor for the first time this session.  Today, the House Appropriations Committee voted out HB 1, the 2020-21 state budget bill, along with a supplemental appropriations bill, HB 4. The full House is expected to debate those measures next week.

As these important debates approach, we are thrilled that there will soon be 67 Democrats – the most since 2009 – on the floor of the House.  This afternoon, Rep.-Elect Christina Morales of Houston was sworn-in on the House floor.  It is expected that Rep.-Elect Ray Lopez of San Antonio will be sworn-in in the next few days as well.  We welcome these newest members of the House Democratic Caucus and look forward to working alongside them to provide opportunity to all Texans.