Update on Cuts to Acute Therapy Services

As the Texas Legislature crafts the state budget for fiscal years 2018-2019, no version of the House or Senate budget has yet to include a full reversal of the Medicaid rate cuts for acute therapy services from 2015. Unless the cuts are fully reversed, tens…

Redistricting and TrumpCare Updates

For the last few weeks, we've been following the developments in federal court over the Texas redistricting case, as well as Congress' attempts to pass TrumpCare legislation. Here's a brief update on the two stories: Redistricting: Plaintiffs Seek Injunction for 2018 Election Earlier this month, a three-judge…

Budget Preview: What We Can Expect

The House Appropriations Committee is continuing its work on the budget for the 2018-19 biennium. Additionally, the supplemental appropriations bill, House Bill 2, has been filed -- that is the bill that fills the gap for underfunded programs in our current two-year budget cycle. (more…)

TrumpCare and the Texas Budget

Last week, Republicans in Congress laid out their official plan to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The policy, already dubbed "TrumpCare," is expected to cut taxes for corporations and wealthy individuals while making health care more expensive for the majority of Americans. (more…)

First Six Weeks: Focusing on Priorities

In the first six weeks of session, House Democrats have demonstrated that we’re working to protect children, strengthen our schools, improve the economy and defend our constitutional rights. Fundamentally, we are fighting for a fair shot and more opportunity for every Texan. (more…)