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Texas House Democrats Vote to Defend Pre-Existing Condition Protections

(Austin, TEXAS) – Today, Texas House Democrats stood up for Texans by opposing legislation that would create new health plans that allow for discrimination against Texans based on pre-existing conditions. Before opposing HB 3924 and HB 3752, House Democrats offered amendments to ensure these new coverage options don’t leave patients stranded when they need coverage the most.

Texas House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner issued the following statement on today’s votes on the Floor:

“Texas elected officials have promised time and time again to protect people with pre-existing conditions and today House Democrats stuck to that promise. It’s unfortunate the majority voted against pre-existing coverage protection, essential health benefits, maternity care coverage and mental health care coverage.  These new plans don’t have to comply with many state or federal coverage rules, and therefore put consumers at risk.”

The amendments supported overwhelmingly by Democrats and opposed by Republicans included:

● Requiring new plans cover basic “essential health benefits” (Rep. Celia Israel)
● Making sure you can’t be denied coverage or charged more for your pre-existing conditions (Rep. Chris Turner)
● Requiring the new health plans to cover maternity care (Rep. Erin Zwiener)
● Applying state requirements for mental health coverage and payment parity (Rep. Senfronia Thompson)

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