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Texas HDC Virtual Retreat Left Dems Organized, Prepared for 87th Session

Fundraiser 1

This week, the Texas House Democratic Caucus hosted a three-day virtual retreat to brainstorm policy, organize priorities and fundraise in preparation for the upcoming 87th Legislative Session.

The retreat kicked off Tuesday morning with the Caucus’ Special Committees (which cover tax loopholes and the environment) and COVID-19 Work Groups (which cover criminal justice, the economy, education, elections, governance and health care) sharing updates on progress made.

On Wednesday, the Caucus met in the morning for a discussion on the redistricting and Census processes. In the afternoon, the HDC collaborated with the House Democratic Campaign Committee to go over the latest political polling.

Thursday, the final day, the Caucus gathered to brainstorm legislative priorities for next session.

The day wrapped up with a virtual fundraiser that brought in over a quarter of a million dollars for the Caucus. At the fundraiser, the Texas HDC premiered its brand-new promotional video highlighting Caucus Members’ accomplishments to sponsors.

After a successful retreat, Texas House Democrats are ready to continue fighting for all Texans in 2021.

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