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STATEMENT: Texas House Democrats on Retired Teachers’ 13th Check

(TEXAS/WASHINGTON, DC) – Today, Texas House Democrats met with the Texas Retired Teachers Association to discuss Democratic lawmakers’ longstanding commitment to fight for Texas educators’ pensions.

During the regular session, HB 3507 — which provided the “13th check” and was authored by over 100 members of the House, including 64 members of the Democratic Caucus — was killed by Republican leadership. Now, Republicans have voiced long overdue support for our retired teachers.

Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services Chairman Rafael Anchía (D-Dallas) released the following statement on behalf of the Texas House Democratic Caucus.

“Texas House Democrats supported both a 13th check and a cost of living increase for our retired teachers during the regular session. Yet, Governor Abbott and Republican leadership drowned those measures to keep dangerous and partisan bills afloat.

“We are pleased to see that Republicans have finally seen the value of keeping our promises to our retired teachers. They are long overdue not only for a 13th check but for legislation guaranteeing cost-of-living adjustments.

“Democrats have long supported this bipartisan measure, but Governor Abbott did not consider this a priority item. Instead, they prioritized hyper partisan legislation while the 13th check and cost-of-living adjustment died a slow death.

“After their failure to take action during session, we look forward to working with our Republican colleagues to once again advance this important measure after they end their dishonest assault on the freedom to vote.”


During the regular session, HB 3507 was passed unanimously out of the House Committee on Pensions, Investments, and Financial Services. The bill was sent to the Calendars Committee on April 22nd and languished for 21 days, never advancing to the House Floor and dying by process. During that period, Republicans instead focused on partisan issues that do not improve the lives of everyday Texans, including attacks on educators, women’s reproductive health, voting rights and public safety. 

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