Fighting for Kids' Healthcare

Senate’s Misplaced Priorities Cloud Session

While the House has focused on fixing the CPS crisis and putting forward a responsible budget that invests in Texas families, the Texas Senate’s focus on needless social issues has cast a dark cloud over the first half of the legislative session.

Last week, the Texas Senate passed the discriminatory “bathroom bill” and voted outtwo anti-women’s health bills. The Senate’s so-called “sanctuary city” legislation had a hearing in the House State Affairs Committee, where tremendous leadership from the Mexican American Legislative Caucus has at least helped slow down the bill.

And the Senate’s Education Committee has a hearing scheduled on Tuesday on a voucher bill that a Texas pastor decried because it wants “to make commodities out of our children and to make markets out of our classrooms.

These are the wrong priorities for Texas families. As House Democrats continue our work on the issues that matter, we must also keep an eye on these and other dangerous bills as they make their way through the legislative process.

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