Statement regarding the Santa Fe school shooting tragedy

The Texas House Democratic Caucus is heartbroken about the senseless tragedy in Santa Fe Friday, a mass shooting that left ten people dead and several others injured. We stand together in offering our sincere condolences to the students, parents, educators, administrators and first responders who were affected by this mindless act of gun violence.

And while it is right to send our condolences, our thoughts and our prayers, we also know that is not enough. As Chairman Rafael Anchia said Friday:



The roundtables Gov. Abbott has called for are fine – we welcome that discussion. We’ve been ready to have that discussion for a long time, and we welcome our seat at the table to have serious conversations about solutions to the gun violence epidemic in Texas and across this country. However, we have a responsibility also to act and to act immediately to prevent an increase of gun deaths to prevent the loss of more life in Texas and across the country and protect the children of our state.


Many members of our caucus have already proposed real solutions. Last session, over eighteen pieces of legislation were filed by Members of our caucus to promote gun safety and prevent gun violence in our communities. Chairman Chris Turner sent a letter to Gov. Abbott and encouraged him to include the Democratic authors of these bills in his roundtable discussions.  The Democratic Caucus is ready to act swiftly to better protect all Texans, especially our children.


HDC Statement on Santa Fe School Shooting 

During our caucus retreat last week in Houston, we issued a statement via Facebook Live regarding the Santa Fe school shooting. We appreciate all members who have already shared this video on their social pages.You can watch and share our full statement here.


HDC Legislation to End Gun Violence

Below is an overview of legislation filed by Democratic members to help address gun violence and promote gun safety. If there is legislation your office filed that you would like to see here, please let us know and we will be happy to list it as we continue to promote and support the efforts of our caucus.
  1. HB 111 by Rep. Joe Moody
    Creating an educational program to improve firearm safety
  2. HB 259 by Rep. Rafael Anchia
    Creating offenses concerning firearm sales at gun shows & charging a fee
  3. HB 291 by Rep. Eric Johnson
    Allows Dallas to opt out of open carry laws
  4. HB 465 by Rep. Rafael Anchia
    Prosecuting offenses involving carrying guns at amusement parks or places associated w/ schools
  5. HB 631 by Rep. Donna Howard
    Creation of a public awareness firearm safety campaign
  6. HB 866 by Rep. Joe Moody
    Creates a lethal violence protective order a court may issue to stop an individual from possessing or purchasing a firearm
  7. HB 1929 by Rep. César Blanco
    Prohibiting the transfer of a firearm to someone included in the FBI terrorist screening database
  8. HB 2034 by Rep. César Blanco
    Requiring a national instant criminal background check in connection with internet firearm sales
  9. HB 2543 by Rep. Poncho Nevárez 
    Relating to the unlawful possession of a firearm by persons who are subject to certain judicial determinations
  10. HB 2583 by Rep. Armando Martinez
    Creating a class A misdemeanor for the reckless discharge of a firearm
  11. HB 2655 by Rep. Poncho Nevárez
    Limit transfer of firearms to individuals with certain adjudicated mental health conditions
  12. HB 2712 by Rep. Tomas Uresti
    $100 buyback program for guns, paid by state
  13. HB 2880 by Rep. Harold Dutton (Effective 9/1/17)
    Penalty if someone threatens to use or exhibit a gun at school or on a school bus
  14. HB 3057 by Rep. Rafael Anchia
    Possessing a gun in a secured area of an airport
  15. HB 3340 by Rep. Senfronia Thompson
    On providing info about gun safety & suicide prevention
  16. HB 3989 by Rep. Eric Johnson
    Prohibiting carrying of handguns at Texas State Fair and other places where amusement rides are available
  17. HB 4037 by Rep. Rafael Anchia
    Stop purchase-and-transfer of firearms from one who can buy legally to one who may use them illegally
  18. HB 4200 by Rep. Gina Hinojosa
    Report those banned from buying firearms who try to purchase them; add additional penalty for individuals who are banned from purchasing firearms who try to buy them