Discrimination is not a Texas value, which is why Texas House Democrats have always remained committed to fighting for the equal rights for every Texan. The LGBTQ community makes our state great — they are our neighbors, our coworkers, our friends and our family. That’s why we always support policies that are inclusive of everyone and set no person apart. We oppose discrimination in the workplace, in schools, and in every Texan’s day-to-day-life.

Unfortunately, Texas Republicans have targeted the ideals of equality for years. In 2017, they chose to aggressively push the so-called “bathroom bill” that would do nothing to increase safety for Texans yet would make it extremely difficult for transgender kids to go to the bathroom at school. Texas Republicans also pushed through legislation that would allow foster care providers to deny placement of children based on sex, gender, race, or religious preference.

Texas House Democrats offered 26 different pieces of pro-active, pro-equality legislation — yet Texas Republicans killed each and every one of them. For a complete list of each and everyone of of those bills, we encourage you to visit Equality Texas’ website.