There is nothing more crucial to our democracy than protecting the right to vote. Ensuring fair and free participation in our elections, and making voting as accessible as possible, are core principles for our country, our state, and our party.

Unfortunately, Texas Republicans have championed anti-voting laws for decades. In recent years, federal courts have ruled six different times that the redistricting maps and photo voter ID laws enacted by Texas Republicans intentionally discriminated against the people of Texas. Meanwhile, House Democrats have fought to expand the right to vote by pushing for laws to expand online voter registration, voting by mail, and mobile voting locations, among others.

Here’s a sample of some of the legislation championed by Texas House Democrats in 2017:


Priority Voting for Voters with Medical Conditions

HB 658 by Rep. Diego Bernal

Longer and longer waiting lines have become more and more common in Texas elections. Some voters with severe medical conditions or disabilities could put their health at risk by waiting for hours to vote. HB 658 ensures those types of voters can have priority when voting.


Improving Public Inspection of Mail-in Ballots

HB 2559 by Rep. Ron Reynolds

Voters who request mail-in ballots often receive numerous applications for mail-in ballots, coming at expense of political campaigns and county and election clerks. This bill allows people to see who has requested a mail-in ballot for the rest of the calendar year, with the intention of reducing the multiple applications requested and sent.


Ensuring Uniform Election Dates for Certain Elections

HB 999 by Rep. Celia Israel

The bill extends federal benefits provided to service members of the Texas military who are ordered to state active duty or state training, ensuring the protections provided to these men and women are in line with recent changes made in federal law.