Press Release

In Case You Missed It: Texas House Democrats Call for Special Session on Gun Safety

(TEXAS) – Yesterday, the Texas House Democratic Caucus hosted a press conference highlighting a letter to the Governor calling for a special session. This letter included constituent feedback given at Texas HDC Members’ Safe Texas Town Hall meetings across the state on how to best address gun violence in the state following the horrific Uvalde mass shooting. During the press conference, members of the HDC outlined meaningful, common-sense gun safety measures, including:

1. Enacting extreme risk protective order laws and closing existing loopholes in current protective order laws;
2. Closing background check loopholes;
3. Requiring stolen guns be reported to law enforcement; and
4. Raising the purchasing age for assault weapons to 21.

Texas HDC Chair Chris Turner (D-Grand Prairie) opened the press conference with an overview of the letter and an emphasis on how popular these ideas are among all Texans:

“For the past three weeks, from El Paso to Houston, from Dallas/Fort Worth to the Rio Grande Valley, what we have heard is clear: Texans want common-sense gun safety legislation, and they want it now.” 

Mexican American Legislative Caucus Vice Chair Mary González (D-Clint) spoke on the town hall meetings HDC members have held over the last three weeks and emphasized the need to consider gun safety legislation alongside other proposals the governor has focused on: 

“Texas House Democrats have long supported increased investments in public education and healthcare, including mental health. However, only addressing school security and mental health is not enough.” 

Rep. Rhetta Bowers (D-Garland) followed, outlining the broad support for the policies Texas House Democrats called for: 

“The people of Texas do want answers, it is our duty to respond. … The 2022 and ‘23 school year starts in about two months, and time is of the essence to pass common sense reforms.” 

Rep. Tracy King (D-Uvalde) spoke on behalf of his community: 

“This is what we do know, and this is what the people of Uvalde and the people of Texas are demanding without a shadow of a doubt: Something needs to be done to honor the legacy of the memory of those children and those teachers that were killed in this tragedy, that were killed in El Paso, that were killed in Santa Fe, and were killed in each and every one of these shootings that we’ve had throughout the state of Texas,” 

The Texas House Democratic Caucus, which is composed of all Democrats in the Texas House, serves as the group’s membership services and logistical arm, and works to support House Democrats with communications, policy, and legal resources. Chaired by Rep. Chris Turner (D – Grand Prairie), the Caucus is focused on fighting for real solutions for all Texans.

For questions regarding the information in this release, please contact Cara Santucci, Executive Director for the Texas House Democratic Caucus, by email