Texas House Democrats filed 2/3 of all bills as of Nov. 26th

Bill filing is well underway, and House Democrats are actively preparing legislation that will provide real solutions for Texas families. The HDC  ran the numbers, and of the 436 House Bills and House Joint Resolutions filed as of today, 287 of them — nearly two-thirds — have been filed by House Democrats. We’re off and running for the 86th Regular Session!


In the coming weeks, we’ll be highlighting a number of those bills — starting today with some legislation Members have already asked us to showcase:


  • HB 52 by Rep. Gina Hinojosa – Leveling the Playing Field for Texas Families
    Rep. Hinojosa’s legislation will create a pilot program allowing employers to contribute to an employee dependent care flexible spending account — one that will help Texas workers earning less than $65,000 a year.


  • HB 131 by Rep. Joe Moody – Extreme Risk Protective Orders to Keep Texans SafeRep. Moody’s legislation would allow an individual that feels their life or the life of another could be in danger due to violent behavior of an individual with serious mental illness can request that a “risk protective order” be issued by a court.


  • HB 255 by Rep. César Blanco – The Every Texan Counts Act
    From Rep. Blanco: “The Every Texan Counts Act will form Texas’ state-wide complete count commission to promote a complete and accurate counting of all Texans in the upcoming 2020 census…With our rapidly growing population and historically hard-to-count populations and areas along the border, we need a statewide effort that maximizes our statewide count so that our communities and state get their fair share of federal resources and political representation.”


  • HB 266 by Rep. Diego Bernal – Ensure Access to Safe, Decent Housing for All Texans
    Rep. Bernal’s legislation would clearly define what is meant by safe, decent housing as it relates to affordable housing and ensuring families with moderate income can compete in the private market for a good place to live.


  • HJR 11 by Rep. Mary González – Funding for Economically Distressed Communities
    From Rep. González: “Texans across the state, including residents of my district, have long endured a lack of access to potable water and adequate wastewater infrastructure. In the year 2018, there are people in Texas who cannot flush their toilets, or get clean water from their taps; that is an unacceptable reality that must be changed.”


The HDC looks forward to working with our Members to support these and hundreds more pieces of legislation in the coming weeks and months as we advance our agenda throughout the coming session.