Press Release

House Democrats Create Grant Program to Improve Electric Grid in Response to Catastrophic Blackouts

(AUSTIN, Texas) – Today, the Texas House passed House Bill 2275 by Rep. Erin Zwiener (D-Driftwood) on Third Reading. The legislation would authorize matching grants to cover costs for projects that weatherize and improve reliability at facilities directly connected to the everyday health and wellbeing of Texans — including electric, water, wastewater, hospitals, nursing and assisted living facilities and dialysis centers.

Rep. Zwiener, who also serves on the Texas House Democratic Caucus’ Steering and Policy Committee, gave the following statement upon passage of her bill:

“This legislation is about making sure that power stays on, that water flows from our taps and that if any Texan has an emergency, they can always get help.”

The bill is one of the most important pieces of storm-response legislation to come through the House. It prioritizes Texans’ health and safety over protecting industry and is a fiscally responsible way to protect our state from future infrastructure failures related to extreme weather events.

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