Highlight of Good Budget Amendments Democrats Passed

Throughout the debate on the budget, House Democrats were able to add a number of successful amendments addressing our top priorities and helped make the budget better.

Below is a highlight of some of those amendments we passed:

  • CPS Funding — Rep. Ina Minjarez added $21.5M from the Attorney General’s office into the Department of Family Protective Services bill pattern, for CPS funds.
  • Vouchers — Rep. Abel Herrero led the fight to ensure no state dollars are spent on school vouchers, so we can protect taxpayer dollars for local public school students.
  • Transparency — Rep. Donna Howard got an amendment added requiring the Comptroller to review the total cost of all pending litigation against the state.
  • Protecting Kids — Rep. Sergio Muñoz, Jr. won passage for a major amendment that redirects $43M from the Texas Enterprise Fund, splitting it between CPS and to help reversing the cuts to acute therapy services. Rep. Muñoz also passed an amendment to fully restore federal funding for the Early Childhood Intervention program.
  • Disease Prevention — Rep. Bobby Guerra passed an amendment to increase the state’s preparedness for the Zika virus and other infectious diseases.
  • Mental Health Funding — Rep. Garnet Coleman secured an additional $25 million for mental health crisis services.
  • Human Trafficking — Rep. Gina Hinojosa secured an additional $3 million for the assistance program for domestic victims of human trafficking. Rep Minjarez also passed an amendment to study sex trafficking victims in the state’s foster care system.
  • Health Coverage — Rep. Walle modified the proposed $1 billion cut in general revenue to Medicaid, to ensure that no savings realized through the rider would impact costs, services, or benefits provided.
  • Accountability — Rep. Lina Ortega successfully passed a rider to ensure stronger background checks for any contracts entered into with the Health and Human Services Commission.
  • Campus Assaults — Rep. Victoria Neave passed an amendment requiring for the study and investigation of sexual assaults on Texas campuses.
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