HDC’s Special Committee on Clean Air, Clean Water & Climate Change Introduces “Texas Climate Plan”

On October 13, Representatives from the House Democratic Caucus’ Special Committee on Clean Air, Clean Water and Climate Change hosted a live discussion on Facebook to introduce the “Texas Climate Plan.

The Texas Climate Plan includes targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, disaster resilience strategies,
a timeline to end routine flaring at oil and gas wells, and planning to ensure a just transition for impacted
workers. The Modern Infrastructure Act will include investments in electrical grid capacity and resilience,
electric vehicle charging stations, battery storage, electrification of mass transit, and bridging the digital
divide. Finally, the Protections over Pollution Act will strengthen agency enforcement and improve
transparency, so Texas can build a culture of proactive compliance instead of allowing bad actors to slip
through the cracks.

The special committee is chaired by Rep. Erin Zwiener (D-Driftwood), and includes Representatives Alma Allen, Rafael Anchía, Terry Canales, Joe Deshotel, Barbara Gervin-Hawkins, Vikki Goodwin, Gina Hinojosa, Jon Rosenthal and Gene Wu.

Watch the video below, or visit our Facebook page.