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HDC Statement on Rep. Jarvis Johnson’s Fight to Abolish Confederate Heroes Day

(TEXAS) – Today, Rep. Jarvis Johnson (D-Houston) held a virtual press conference to announce his filing of House Bill 36, which would abolish Confederate Heroes Day.

Texas HDC First Vice-Chair Toni Rose (D-Dallas) released the following statement on behalf of the Texas HDC in support of Rep. Jarvis Johnson, and all Members supporting his efforts:

Rep. Chris Turner, who will be serving his third term as HDC chair, released the following statement in response:

This year we have witnessed unprecedented violence and insurrection at both the federal and state level directed toward undermining our sacred democracy.  The underpinnings make clear the urgent need of abolishing Confederate Heroes Day, which perpetuates a narrative supporting acts of treason against our nation. At this very moment the Texas Capitol is closed to the public as a defensive measure in response to active calls for violence against the government.

“Acts of treason and calls for sedition must not be memorialized nor celebrated. As state leaders, we must bring to the forefront those who have unified our nation and honor the acts of progress towards a better union for all people.”

Texas HDC Chair Chris Turner (D-Grand Prairie) added the following:

“The so-called Confederate Heroes Holiday belongs in the same place as the Confederacy itself — the dustbin of history. It is wrong to honor people who fought a war to preserve the evil institution of slavery and who were traitors to the United States. The unfortunate fact that this day falls near and sometimes on the same day as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day only adds insult to injustice. I am proud to support Rep. Jarvis Johnson’s efforts to make this the last confederate holiday in Texas, ever.” 

Confederate Heroes Day, which takes place on January 19th, was originally designated a holiday by the Texas Legislature in 1973.


The Texas House Democratic Caucus, which is composed of all Democrats in the Texas House, serves as the group’s membership services and logistical arm, and works to support House Democrats with communications, policy, and legal resources. Chaired by Rep. Chris Turner (D – Grand Prairie), the Caucus is focused on fighting for real solutions for all Texans.

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