With 5 weeks until session, Texas House Democrats continue to file substantial bills

With only five weeks until session, the HDC wants to continue highlighting some of the important bills that Caucus members have filed:


HB 56 by Rep. Armando Martinez – Cost-of-Living Increases for Retired Teachers
Rep. Martinez’s legislation would require the Teacher Retirement System to meet the last week of October and increase benefit rates at a rate equal to the increase in the Consumer Price Index (CPI), provided the fund is deemed actuarially sound.


HB 60 by Rep. Lina Ortega – Educate College Students on Women’s Health Programs
The bill would require universities to email all students, at the start of each academic year, information regarding eligibility for and services provided by the Women’s Health Program, to better educate college students about what is available to them.


HB 100 by Rep. Eric Johnson – Make Texas Ready for Climate Change
Rep. Johnson’s legislation would require that a number of state agencies — TCEQ, the PUC, DPS, the GLO, etc. — include in their strategic plan an analysis of expected changes, including adverse impacts, in the services provided by the agency because of projected changes in weather, water availability, and climate variability, as determined by the Texas state climatologist ’s report.


HB 198 by Rep. Shawn Thierry – Improved Mental Health Services for Students
Rep. Thierry’s bill would ensure that school health centers are also permitted and encouraged to provide mental health services and education, as part of their regular work with students and the school community.


On education, the environment, and improved health care, Texas House Democrats are taking the lead in putting forward real solutions for all Texans.