Press Release

HDC Chair Chris Turner Statement on Apportionment Numbers

(Austin, TEXAS) – This afternoon, the United States Census Bureau released the new apportionment numbers that determine each state’s number of congressional seats and Electoral College votes. Texas will gain two congressional seats.

Rep. Chris Turner (D-Grand Prairie), chair of the Texas House Democratic Caucus and member of the House Redistricting Committee, issued the following statement:

“Texas’ population is growing at a rapid pace. In the previous decade (2000-2010), nearly 90% of our growth was in the Latino, African American and Asian American communities. The last round of redistricting maps drawn by Texas Republicans not only ignored the growth of these communities, they were also found to be intentionally discriminatory by the courts.

“Texas must not repeat this travesty again. As legislators, regardless of political party, we must adopt maps that fairly reflect our state’s diversity and ensure all Texans have the opportunity to elect their candidates of choice.”

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