Press Release

HDC Chair Chris Turner Responds to Reported Texas Census Undercount

(TEXAS) – Today, the U.S. Census announced a likely 2% undercount of Texas’ population during the 2020 Census. Data from the 2020 Census was used to apportion Congressional Districts and was the basis for the Texas Legislature’s 2021 redistricting process.

Texas HDC Chair Chris Turner (D-Grand Prairie) issued the following statement in response:

“Even though everyone knew Texas was at risk of an undercount in the 2020 Census, Gov. Greg Abbott and Republicans in the Legislature rejected every Democratic proposal to fund census outreach efforts and create a complete count committee.

“Texans will pay the price for this undercount. An accurate census is necessary for our state to draw down billions of dollars in federal funding, and to ensure that Legislative and Congressional Districts accurately reflect the fundamental principle of ‘one person, one vote.’ In addition, Governor Abbott’s negligence has likely cost Texas an additional seat in Congress.

“Thanks to Republicans being asleep at the wheel on the census, Texas will grapple with insufficient funding, misallocated resources and inadequate political representation for our growing population for the next decade.”

The Texas House Democratic Caucus, which is composed of all Democrats in the Texas House, serves as the group’s membership services and logistical arm, and works to support House Democrats with communications, policy, and legal resources. Chaired by Rep. Chris Turner (D – Grand Prairie), the Caucus is focused on fighting for real solutions for all Texans.
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