Press Release

HDC Chair Chris Turner Responds to HB 3 Committee Vote

(AUSTIN) – This morning, nearly 24 hours after the House Select Committee on Constitutional Rights and Remedies hearing began, the Republicans’ anti-voter House Bill 3 was passed out along party lines.

Texas House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner released the following statement in response:

“Early this morning, Republicans voted to advance a bill to ban 24-hour voting, following an overnight committee hearing that lasted nearly 24 hours. You just can’t make this up: Republicans are passing anti-voter legislation overnight to prohibit Texans from casting a ballot overnight.    

“Republican leaders want to restrict your freedom to vote, all because of the ‘Big Lie’ they keep repeating. Just yesterday, Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller told CPAC he was ‘convinced’ the election was stolen from the disgraced former president, Donald Trump.

“Until Republicans are willing to tell their supporters the truth – the last election wasn’t stolen and our elections are safe, smooth and secure – they are going to continue to push these anti-voter bills. 

“Thank you to the Democratic Members of the House Select Committee who worked all day and all night. They asked tough questions and tried to improve the bill, even though their amendments were rejected along party lines. I thank all of them for fighting for the rights of all Texans.”