First Six Weeks: Focusing on Priorities

In the first six weeks of session, House Democrats have demonstrated that we’re working to protect children, strengthen our schools, improve the economy and defend our constitutional rights. Fundamentally, we are fighting for a fair shot and more opportunity for every Texan.

Caucus members have spoken out – and continue to do so – in their districts and at the Capitol for every child’s right to high-quality public education and against private school voucher schemes. House Democrats have filed legislation to end the crisis in our state’s foster care system, and to clear the backlog of untested rape kits across the state. We marched with Texas women, have spoken out loudly against anti-Hispanic legislation, and proudly declared to every Texan that hate has no home in our great state.

Democrats are focusing on the issues that matter most to Texas families. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of those moving legislation on the other side of the Capitol building. Here’s a quick look at some of the bills we’ll be keeping a close eye on:

Senate Bill 4 – the so-called “sanctuary city bill” is opposed by law enforcement agencies because it would erode the very trust between the immigrant community and local law enforcement officials which is vital to public safety. SB4 seeks to solve a problem that does not exist.

Senate Bill 6 – the so-called “bathroom bill” would dramatically undercut our state’s economic competitiveness; similar legislation has cost North Carolina $395 million in economic revenue. Both the NFL and the NBA have come out against the legislation.

Senate Bill 13 – this anti-teacher, anti-public employee bill, which is also opposed by public safety professionals, is a pure, partisan attack on employees’ right to decide how they spend their paycheck. There is simply no public policy justification to tell public employees who voluntarily choose to join an association or a union that they cannot voluntarily elect to directly deduct their dues from their paycheck.