Press Release

Federal Relief Funds Finally Released Following TX House Dem Advocacy

(Austin, TEXAS) – Today, after months of sitting on federal relief money, the Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Speaker of the House announced $11.2 billion is on its way to help Texas schools recover from the pandemic.

Ever since federal COVID-19 relief money first became available, Texas House Democrats have been pushing for that funding to be distributed to our public schools as fast as possible. Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (D-Austin), who passed an amendment onto the budget last week instructing the state to distribute these dollars, released the following statement in response.

“I was proud to pass a budget amendment that would release billions of dollars of federal education aid to Texas public schools with bipartisan support from across the state.

“This preliminary release of $11.2 billion represents a great first step. These funds will provide much-needed relief to schools that have endured significant unanticipated costs due to the pandemic and are working to re-engage our students in the context of untold learning loss. Moving forward, we must hold our elected officials accountable for releasing the rest of the money that Congress intended for Texas public schools.”

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