Federal courts found Texas maps intentionally discriminate

Federal Court Rules Congressional Maps Intentionally Discriminate

Recently, a three-judge federal court in San Antonio issued a long-awaited ruling on the U.S. Congressional District map drawn by the 82nd Legislature in 2011. As House Democrats have always contended, the court ruled that the map is discriminatory to Hispanic and African American voters in Texas. In addition, the court found that the map was adopted with discriminatory intent, a key finding and a damning indictment of the Republicans who drew and defended the map.

The ruling was based on the original 2011 maps; Texas is currently holding elections under new court-ordered 2013 maps. But significant portions of the 2011 map that were just declared illegal are part of the newer maps we are using today.

The redistricting mess Texas Republicans created needs to get fixed, as soon as possible. We continue to monitor the situation closely, and encourage all caucus members to keep an eye on redistricting-related legislation filed by Rep. Rafael Anchia (HJR 74), Rep. Donna Howard (HB 369), Rep. Eric Johnson (HB 1215), and Rep. Victoria Neave (HJR 118) in the coming weeks.

We will let you know more about the case as it develops. If you or your office have any questions about the redistricting ruling, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

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