Federal Court Finds “Discriminatory Purpose” in Texas Photo ID Law

This afternoon, the United States District Court in the Southern District of Texas, Corpus Christi Division, ruled again that that the Texas Legislature acted with “discriminatory purpose” in passage of SB 14 in 2011, the state’s photo voter ID law.

House Democratic Caucus Chair Rep. Chris Turner released the following statement on the ruling:

“Today, for the fifth time since 2011, a federal court has ruled that the Republican leadership in Texas intentionally discriminated against minority voters.  It’s shameful that GOP leaders have been found to have intentionally discriminated at all – let alone more than in any other state in the country this decade.  It is past time that Republicans drop their defense of discriminatory photo ID laws and redistricting maps, both in the courts and in the Legislature.” 

The House Elections Committee is currently reviewing a new version of the voting bill. We will be sure to provide updates to you throughout the week on this critical issue.

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