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February 2021 Energy Grid Failure Timeline

On Feb. 25 and 26, the House Committees on State Affairs and Energy Resources held a joint hearing to investigate the root cause of the energy grid’s catastrophic failures during this month’s winter storm.

The HDC reconstructed a timeline of events related to the disaster that occurred between Jan. 28 and Feb. 19, as reported by the various groups that testified at the hearings.

Acronyms used in the timeline include:

  • ERCOT – Electric Reliability Council of Texas
  • NRG – NRG Energy, a power generation company
  • Oncor – A residential and commercial electricity delivery service
  • PUC – The Public Utility Commission of Texas
  • RRC – The Railroad Commission of Texas
  • TERC – Texas Energy Reliability Council
  • Vistra – Vistra Corp., the largest power generation company in Texas