Bill Filing Deadline

Friday marked the last day for members to file non-local bills this legislative session. As of the close of business Friday, more than 4,600 bills were filed, with House Democrats filing nearly half of all bills. Now, the real challenge begins — getting those bills a committee hearing and onto the House floor for a vote.

Legislation filed by HDC members addresses a wide array of issues, from expanding health care access for uninsured Texans, supporting our public schools, protecting voting rights and promoting clean air and water to give just a few examples. These issues reflect our core values as Democrats. They’re also the issues Texans expect state government to address. House Democrats will be working every day to deliver real solutions for all Texans.


Check out some HDC members’ bills below:

  • HB 565 by Rep. Coleman would expand Medicaid coverage in Texas and put the Affordable Care Act protections into law.
  • HB 10 by Rep. Senfronia Thompson would create the Texas Mental & Behavioral Health Research Institute to study the causes of mental illnesses in Texas children.
  • HB 100 by Rep. Eric Johnson would require an analysis of expected effects of climate change on Texas agencies’ services.
  • HB 204 by Rep. Thierry would mandate the inclusion of mental health in the current health enrichment curriculum.
  • HB 22 by Rep. Romero would require voting machines to print paper receipts to help address glitches at the ballot box.
  • HB 241 by Rep. Farrar would extend postpartum Medicaid coverage to one year after a woman gives birth or miscarries.
  • HB 328 by Rep. Ortega would allow a county or municipality to establish a local minimum wage.
  • HB 1950 by Rep. Zwiener would allow students at a Texas college campus to use their student IDs to vote.
  • HB 935 by Rep. Bucy would make elections on even years a holiday for state employees